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Hi all! Merry Christmas, and God Jul to those who speak Swedish :-)

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I just want to let you know that although there isn't a lot of activity on this board, yet, I am now advertising The Collaborative Writer in a couple of places. One is Hope Clark's Funds for Writers newsletter, which goes out to over 30,000 subscribers. The other will be the Northwest Writers Association, is seen by some amount of people, I don't know exactly how many, but quite a few. They've got a conference attended each year by many hundreds of people, and their meetings are always packed, and that's saying something for Seattle. However, their advertising rates are much higher than are Hope's, so I am more limited in my scope there. I try to be cautious and only advertise where I know it will do the most good (plus I spend a fair amount of time trying to maximize SEO, etc., in a very business-like way).

Whether you know it or not, btw, we've also got over a hundred people registered in this board! They just don't say very much, and I haven't yet taken advantage of the email list to send out any kind of newsletter, since in all honesty, I'm still getting my business, The Collaborative Writer, underway. Getting new clients right now, as a matter of fact, which is always nice for the coffers. We continue to put the message out, and if you know anyone who would like to participate, by all means, send them our way.

Happy Christmas to everyone! Please check out my various blogs. This is my latest one, which is written whenever I'm traveling: Then there's The Collaborative Writer blog:, which I am trying to spend more time writing.

And please remember that if you have any writing at all you'd like to share, feel free. That includes blogs, poems, even photography, if you're so inclined. The idea behind this forum was to make it possible for people to share their writing without fear of judgement, and/or to talk about stuff to do with writing. I hope you will!

Finally, if you would like to contact me, I am always available at or on Skype at collaborativewriter (my Skype user-name—just send me a request). I hope to hear from you. I will try to answer back as fast as possible.

~Alison, The Collaborative Writer
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