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Developing a publishing mindset, copied in from Matador University

in Announcements, resources, suggestions Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:15 pm
by collaborativewriter • 85 Posts

This is a travel-writing company I receive email from, and on occasion, they send something of use for all writers:

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, or tales of woe and experience in relationship to getting published, be sure to let us know!

The single biggest way you can increase your chances of getting
published is to look at publication not as a single event but on
ongoing process in which you'll develop an entire mindset. This is
involves a whole set of skills including:

*Visualizing what the editor will think when he / she receives
your submission.

*Ability to deal with rejection - The best way to deal with
rejection is to submit stories and pitches on an ongoing basis.
That way, whether a piece is rejected or accepted, you're
automatically sending a thank you note, then you're moving on,
ready to resubmit to a different publication or to send a new story.

*Learning from each rejection - Another way of dealing with
rejection is to look at each one as part of the learning process.
You don't need to dwell on it, but simply ask yourself: Was the
story really an ideal fit for the publication? Was the story as
good as it could be or could you have done further edits? Was your
pitch / cover letter as good as it could have been?

*Continuously researching new and relevant markets - The most
obvious way is to search the links page at your favorite blog or
magazine. Another way is to study the bios of the contributors at
blogs and magazines where you're submitting. What other
publications do they mention?

*Always bookmark new blogs or magazines you find that seem like
potential markets for submitting. Another trick is to to email the
urls of the publication to yourself, labeling those emails
consistently or giving a consistent subject to the emails such as
"travel writing markets."

*Ability to stay organized so that you are continuously
submitting pitches and multiple submissions - Previously we've
written about using a submissions log or a submission manager,
basically a simple spreadsheet that allows you to quickly view and
organize potential markets, contacts, and submissions.

*Understanding the hierarchy of getting published at different
websites, magazines, and newspapers, and honestly assessing your
position - The more you get published and the greater the
readership of each blog, magazine, or newspaper that publishes your
work, the higher up you move on the hierarchy, and the easier it
will be for you to place work at bigger and better-paying markets.
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