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All Writing You Want to Share Goes Here

in Share your writing with readers Thu Mar 31, 2011 1:38 am
by collaborativewriter • 85 Posts

If there's something you've written that you want us to see, please share it!

Please start a new thread for each new piece.

Those who respond are asked to please respond with the milk of human kindness. Unsolicited critiques and/or critiques that upset the writer will be deleted.

If you want to request that someone read your work, please be sure to ask directly and tell your readers precisely what you want them to comment on.

Comments from readers should be respectful and helpful, please.

I hope you know you can PM one another to talk about your writing in private, too, if you don't feel comfortable talking about it out here in the open!

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RE: All Writing You Want to Share Goes Here

in Share your writing with readers Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:38 am
by collaborativewriter • 85 Posts

Here are my three (currently active) blogs, for those who came in from some other source and have not yet seen my online writing, which is, putting it kindly, eclectic, since my interests are varied:

I'm messing around with adding colors (farben, in German) to posts. I hope you won't be afraid to mess around with the functions available up above, even if they are in German. If you've used any other forum, the functions are very similar; insert link, insert picture (bild); insert video, quotes, are all available (in German.... sigh). Just give it a try. The software won't blow up, never fear!! Wow. Silly smilies.

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RE: All Writing You Want to Share Goes Here

in Share your writing with readers Wed Jun 29, 2011 3:06 pm
by Mary • 16 Posts

This is a short story I wrote that started out with the intent to be for children. As I wrote, it took a bend to the surreal, so now it is just a short story.
"Should I stand down or sit up?" Asks the turtle as he peeks from his shell. After a restless night, he stumbles for his glasses. " I have reached a brick wall!" "just what will the others think?" If I step to the right the lefts will become angry. If I step to the left, the rights will become annoyed. If I try to pass through the middle it will be quite difficult, but if I climb to the top I can see both sides!"
The lamb replied, "If you pass on the left, that is the path of the sparrows. The sparrows will not permit you to enter for their nest are there.
if you do succeed, you will be attacked with the arrows of their beaks. If you try to pass on the right, this is the path of the hemlocks. The hemlock will forbid you to enter. They will protect themselves with their leaves and their shields of wood. If you should get through their paths, you may become quite ill and tired. If you climb to the top where there is all to see I can provide you with a tourniquet if you should fall, but if the wolves appear, I shall have to flee your side. For any other time I will remain at the bottom in the middle."
The turtle remained silent. As he gathered his thoughts, he began to wrestle with his logic and his emotion in order to obtain a rational response. For him, decision making is not an easy task.
"Couldn't the sparrows nest with the hemlocks?" He felt that he had reached a good decision that everyone would be opened to. The lamb replied, "the vibration of the spheres are beginning to speed up. Listen for the music in the winds. The energies will remain difficult to absorb, especially in the spring. Begin to listen and be aware of the sounds and spheres around you. Resist any inner fleeing of spirit to try and provide any merrymaking for either side, for it will be only you that is harmed in this procession. The Sun and the Moon will provide what elements are needed in these times. If you stand in the middle, and should either side step before you for guidance, provide only kindness and reply from your heart. We are approaching times that are new to all. How we respond ti the changes must be entirely up to each and every individual and their families, although we should still continue to remain one. We must call upon our inner strength and voices to make correct choices. For if the sparrow selects on their own to nest with the hemlocks, only the hemlocks can decide if they will accept the sparrows."
The turtle replied, "I am a keen observer, and I will continue to always look to the light. Remember sometimes we need to look beyond our existence. There is much more than the three dimensions that we can see in front of us."
The Lamb was silent. He could see that the turtle's thoughts were genuine and sincere. "I will continue to try and be yopur guidance, but you must protect yourself from the wolves for I cannot provide you with assistance there. The wolves will approach when you least expect it. You will need to manifest your own powers to keep the wolves at bay. There is a sort of karma for you and the wolves. Just why is it that you can not see this for yourself."
The turtle was trying not to show his feelings of immediate distress. "For whatever path I walk, I come into a soul who needs assistance. I will always have faith in the eyes of another until they have given me a reason not to. The wolf, I have learned to accept was not, nor will ever be my friend." The wolf is presented to me to remind me to exercise caution, not callous. If I fall to the bottom in the middle, this is where the wolves know how to penetrate the shield that I create. For this is where your protection is needed by me the most." "Dearest turtle" the lamb replied, "I have learned the lesson that is to be taught from the wolves. I will not be able to protect you at the bottom in the middle from their demise. I can only help you mend if heaven forbid should you be harmed, due to your naivety about their behaviors. This will be a lesson you must first learn on your own recognizance."
The turtle took off his glasses and replied, "I will daily ask for guidance in all of my dealings, with those of both good and ill intent towards me. I will manifest only light from within and continue to project it on to others.." The lamb and turtle shared some food from their gardens and waited for the Sun to begin to set. They are quite eager to see the landscape that will be brought forth to them this evening. They always look to the evening sky to assist them in tomorrow's decision making. As they rest their heads upon one another, they watch the sunset design the portrait for tomorrow as they fall into a peaceful sleep. For if it is today or tomorrow, they still have each other in rapture or prey.

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RE: All Writing You Want to Share Goes Here

in Share your writing with readers Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:58 pm
by collaborativewriter • 85 Posts

Mary, you're fine where you are, but it's my fault; I should have been clearer early on (you are my guinea pig for this!!) and asked everyone to create a new thread for each new piece so as to lower confusion about where to post. So, it turns out that running a forum isn't easy-peasy. ;-)

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