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Why, oh why? Writing Woes

in Go ahead. Vent like Vesuvius. Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:10 am
by Northern • 9 Posts

I haven't been able to write in weeks. It is 100% procrastination on my part. Every time I sit before a blank Word document, or with my pen and journal, I stare at it for awhile before slowly migrating to another activity. I've been telling itself that it's because there is too much going on in the home (people coming and going, chores that need to be done, meals that need to be cooked, etc.) but I realized how false this was yesterday. Everything was cleaned, nobody was home and it was a perfect day to put some words to paper. What did I decide to do? I spent 6 hours sewing a doll. Did I know how to sew? No. Did I intend to give the doll to anyone? No. But, darn it, this doll needed to be made!! It actually turned out a whole lot better than I expected but seeing my writing journal, laying open and blank and abandoned, was like a slap in the face (or at least a mildly painful pinch). I don't lack for ideas but the action of putting thoughts to paper is the hurtle that I just can't seem to overcome these days. Even when there are no distractions, such as my beloved Internet, I manage to invent my own. Ah...I need to hire someone like my 3rd grade tutor to just bark at me every time my attention starts to wander.

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RE: Why, oh why? Writing Woes

in Go ahead. Vent like Vesuvius. Mon Aug 15, 2011 6:38 am
by collaborativewriter • 85 Posts

Let me know if you seriously feel the need for help with this. We have ways to motivate you...

... but seriously, the biggest question is, are you in any way enjoying what you're writing? Are you having any fun with what you're doing, or has it all become dreary and boring...? I think that's the place to begin to ask yourself what's going on with procrastination.

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