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Astrology: For the Fear Full or the Fear Less?

in Share your writing with readers Fri Jul 01, 2011 10:44 pm
by Miranda • 7 Posts

"If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it's not your path... Your own path you make with every step you take. That's why it's your path." — Joseph Campbell

I've been a student of astrology since I was 13. It's not been a linear path nor a hobby that has consumed me. It found me as a teenager, but we never lost contact. We've been like childhood sweethearts that run into each other periodically over the course of one's life. Yet, once I turned 40, with some life experience under my belt, I realized we were meant to be together and it's been an intense love affair ever since. I've learned a lot about myself in the process. My light side, my gifts, my purposes (yes, we can have more than one!), and most of all, my shadow. My dark side, that part of me that gets torqued when the line at Starbucks is too long or thinks a proactive "thinning of the herd" of the planet would surely garner me a better parking spot at the mall, and is therefore a justifiable evolutionary tactic, is what I've really come to know well... Oh yes. I am "more human than human." And most people aren't crazy about admitting to being that human. Which is why, at the age of 43, I'm finally a practitioner of astrology. I ease people into the unknown and show them that astrology is not a full body contact sport where the threat of blood will keep you benched and wondering. When you face the all of your self, the world becomes a more agile path. Astrology has been part of my path. It's that one place I can go to for options. Yet, as a practitioner, it can be a very solitary path with few people to talk to. It can make you feel like the sole runner in the last mile of a marathon. Because, borrowing from another self invested seeker, I know this for sure...

People are afraid of astrology.

Some people flat out do not believe in it. And that is an understandable reaction to something we don't yet understand... Also, astrology is not a class or a series of courses one takes and is certified for life like an electrician. It's not an end game, nor a singular occupation. It's complex and nuanced... unpredictable even (didn't think you'd ever hear me say that, did you?). You can study and comb through it with the most determined precision your whole life and never learn all that it has to offer. One person will never be capable of grasping the magnitude of what it is capable of offering us... After all, we are talking about the heavens, the universe... Infinity. And no man can grasp infinity. It's beyond the capacity of our limited human existence. And for people like myself that is both unnerving and exciting to contemplate.

That is why all astrology and all astrologers are NOT created equal.

There are as many styles of astrology as there are stars in the universe. Likewise, underneath it all there is a pattern, a common thread and fabric to it all that unites us. At any given moment, we are all articulating and constellating around each other. It's the cosmic dance of energy, light, positive and negative energy, polarities, paradox and purpose.

As astrologers, even we cannot see our own path. Just as doctors cannot take their own cure or psychologists cannot treat themselves, one must equally seek to find a mentor, a guide or, quite simply, a facilitator for the big questions in life. Likewise, a skilled astrologer will approach each reading step-by-step, revering each moment with a client as an experience where the seeker becomes our teacher, our muse, and the facilitator for how we evolve our practices. That's the duality of our life and often, the source of great paradox. The answer is in the question; the student is also the teacher... It is this part of the experience of practicing astrology that is my greatest inspiration, my spiritual salve... The nectar of wisdom that keeps me moving forward, step by inspired step.

What you see is what you get... What you get is NOT all there is TO SEE.

Perspective, context, life experience, patterns, both conscious and unconscious, drive our interpretations of what we see, hear, taste, feel and attach ourselves to. I believe, however, that for every perception, there is an equal and opposite one to behold. Even the most dire of circumstances will hold a Divine perspective. Our challenges, as humans, is to constantly challenge what we perceive as absolute truth. To challenge that there can always be another opinion, option, choice, idea, or concept to move us through space and the perception of limited time... Personally, I'm as easily challenged by life as any one of the clients I work with. With all I have available to me in looking at my own chart I, too, struggle not to be attached to my perceptions of how I read it, DESPITE all. The very thinking that prevents me from seeing my life with objectivity is, ironically, the very thinking that makes for some useful astrology. And it is not the confusion that helps... but rather the understanding of when one is NOT being objective and seeks a view for comparison. The paradox of that is the very things that I am challenged to overcome are often the very things that I end up teaching clients how to overcome. What I teach, I get the benefit of re-learning with each consultation. I can tell you, as a practitioner of astrology, I am also prone to moments of trepidation about my own life path.

And we do this in all our relationships... to others, a job, family and, our most important one of all, with self. Sometimes I talk to myself, out loud, just so I can hear the voice out loud that is nagging me in my head. And when the words come out of my mind and create a wavelength for my ears to hear, often it sounds SO much different. Sometimes, it sounds the same. At which point, I'm not afraid to admit, the bouncing of ideas off of a friend isn't a bad idea. Feedback is vital, so we can choose. We need dueling ideas, so that we have context for the choices we make. This is a reason to embrace astrology as well. Often people listen to what I offer and do exactly the opposite. Sometimes it "goes their way" and sometimes it does not. Does that mean what I offered was "inaccurate"? Not necessarily. It means I offered a position that allowed for CHOICE. I did not illuminate the path, I illuminated the CHOICE. And that is the greatest gift of an astrologer, as I have come to embrace it.

Another reason people shy away from having an astrological reading is that there is that fear of the unknown, the fear of "bad news", that similar dynamic that can keep one from the dentist, the doctor, or even finding out what that rattling noise is that's coming up from the dash of the car! I find that often it is the misconception that somehow we are not in control of our lives if we believe that the stars have all the answers. And I can tell you unequivocally, they do not have answers. They offer possibilities and ask you to make decisions. For me I look at the stars as a series of questions waiting for me to ask of myself. Sometimes a part of us deep inside knows to ask, but is afraid of the answers. In my experience, an intuitive part of us always knows the answer, it's more about allowing ourselves to face them head on and embrace the future.

While the stars are indeed a Divinely offered source of inspired guidance, the fate of your life lies in a large part in the choices you make. And the universe always gives you choice. Understanding that you cannot know the exact path of your life, the outcome of any situation with exacting accuracy, is where the mysteries of your path lay. We NEED mystery to be inspired to move forward, take action or make a choice! That is the bastion of our free will. You can either love a mystery and embrace it or not. No matter what, it is YOUR mystery, YOUR path and YOUR life to embrace. So... Are you afraid of your life or are you ready to embrace the possibility of more choices?

If you've never had an astrological reading by a Holistic Coach™, I'm inviting you to brave your own path. Let's see what we can learn from each other, and thereby strengthen the bonds of that common fiber we constellate around... Life!

© Copyright 2011 Miranda J. Remington

Miranda J. Remington
Holistic Life Coaching & Astrology

Inspired self discovery gets to the story under the story.™

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RE: Astrology: For the Fear Full or the Fear Less?

in Share your writing with readers Sat Jul 02, 2011 1:01 pm
by Mary • 16 Posts

I think those of us having an interest in Astrology are looking for that "seed" in our life. Most Astrologers reach out to others in a positive light, while trying to assist others in obtaining their best potential.When you think about it, Astrology brings some relationships together that would have NEVER have happened without the common interest of the subject. Astrology is intellectual and always thought provoking. Because of Astrology, people have been put in my path I would have never met! If Astrology was not a common ground, we would never have been brought together. That in essence of itself always makes me wonder about the connections I now have to these people. I have learned not only some Astrology from these contacts, but I have learned other life lessons as well. The four elements could be where it all begins. Both on the physical plane and in the cosmos.

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RE: Astrology: For the Fear Full or the Fear Less?

in Share your writing with readers Sun Jul 03, 2011 5:50 pm
by collaborativewriter • 85 Posts

Miranda, I'll respond more later, but don't forget to add the link to your blog! (I'm messing with the overall colors of the forum, so right now, the text is all in blue, and if anyone hates it/loves it, let me know!)

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RE: Astrology: For the Fear Full or the Fear Less?

in Share your writing with readers Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:01 pm
by Miranda • 7 Posts

Blue is fine... Soft on the eyes. Might suggest a color from the background... Reverse out the heading in yellow or cream. Main copy for posting tend to work better in in dark brown or black if someone were to print out a story from the site.

Here's my blog... thought it was going to show up on my post.

I like that I get to be a Monarch : )

Miranda J. Remington
Holistic Life Coach™ & Astrology

Inspired self discovery gets to the story under the story.™

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RE: Astrology: For the Fear Full or the Fear Less?

in Share your writing with readers Mon Jul 04, 2011 4:34 pm
by collaborativewriter • 85 Posts

Yes, once you choose the female gender, I think it is, you get to be a butterfly. Good you're including your personal information in the signature line. Excellent branding... :-)) Good call on the suggestions for the colors. I'm experimenting. You are right; some people do prefer and need paper. Right right right. And then, once I load the website proper, its colors will actually determine what this site looks like, since I will adapt this site to 'match' the Collaborative Writer site. All these details...

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RE: Astrology: For the Fear Full or the Fear Less?

in Share your writing with readers Sat Jul 09, 2011 3:37 am
by Genea • 3 Posts

Very nicely done, Miranda. I've admired your writing on Astrodienst many times. This is my first post and, actually, I just want to see if I get to be a butterfly.


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RE: Astrology: For the Fear Full or the Fear Less?

in Share your writing with readers Sat Jul 09, 2011 7:15 am
by collaborativewriter • 85 Posts

Yes, you can be a butterfly! Yay! :-)) I think I'm some kind of weird moth, but I like the colors.

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