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Defining Author's position to Audience

I would like hearing the mindset others have toward their reader audience. I imagine myself as the translator and presenter of inner dilemmas of others, so that readers can utilize these lessons for their own inner development.
I am a family therapist and have years of being the loving witness to people's descent into fear and shame, great self doubt. I would liketo write some consolidation of the similarities among my patient population, with sufficient detail which would invite the reader to grapple productively with their own similar matters.
I am a beginning writer. Probably this is obvious!

What types of positions does everyone else take to their readership?

1 comment Authorin: Goat Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:33 am

The Writers' Notebook: Members Blog!

Writers have always needed a little notebook in which to store their thoughts, their inspirations, drawings, pictures, images, snippets of ideas... when you walk around, what do you see? A writer must be observant, and get her inspiration from everything she sees, everything she hears... do you listen to strangers' conversations? I know I do. Am I nosy, or just trying to get inspiration for characters I'm working on? This is what a writer's notebook is for: to write down everything, no matter how big or small an idea.

This blog is for everyone who wants to participate to write these snippets to each other. I have found that writing things down online is also a really easy way to have what is, in essence, a living diary of something I did or said, and now I'm glad it's not lost in some little black book somewhere that I have no idea the location of.

If you find yourself with something to say that doesn't want to fit anywhere else, this is a great place to jot it down... you never know what random thought or idea will inspire another writer!

If you see the word "Allgemein," above, I think that's there because this forum software is actually German. In other words, the forum was created in Germany, by Germans, and then mostly translated into English, but it was the best forum software I've seen, very inclusive, considering it's totally free. Every now and then, therefore, we might see words in German. I will have to translate them, since I do not speak German, at this precise moment.

3 comments Author: Deleted User Fri Jun 17, 2011 9:52 am
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